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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees cover just 87% percent of the funds needed for your son’s education. The other 13% is covered through the school’s various fundraising efforts. All families are asked to actively participate in the various fundraisers conducted throughout the year including the Annual Appeal, Back the Blue, Colonel Cash Madness, Colonel Stag, SuperHike and Northern Kentuckian of the Year Luncheon as well as the Kroger and Remke Grocery cards, Amazon. com buying link, Capital One Visa Card.

The Diocese of Covington requires Covington Catholic to offer one tuition rate to families that are registered and participating members of a parish within the Diocese and another rate for those families that are not. Tuition and fees are processed through FACTS Management System.

Tuition for the 2017-18 School Year

Information below is for the 2017-18 school year.

Annual Tuition for In-Diocese students: $7,635

Annual Tuition Out-of-Diocese students: $8,390

Additional Fees:

  • Each student is required to pay a $200 Registration Fee when he registers for the next school year's classes.
  • Annual Student Fee of $890 charged PER FAMILY. (Regardless of the number of students enrolled at CCH)
  • Annual Technology Fee of $60 charged PER FAMILY. (Regardless of the number of students enrolled at CCH)

CCH does not charge an additional Cafeteria fee, fundraising fee, senior fee, or retreat fee.

Registration Fee per StudentStudent Fees (per familyTechnology Fee (per family)TuitionTOTAL
Out of Diocese$200$890$60$8,390.$9,540

Payment Dates and Plans:

The amounts below include the $890 student fees as well as the $60 Technology fee.

The amount of your payment due (including the discount) is listed under how many students you have at CCH.

Families may choose either the 5th or the 20th as their scheduled payment date through FACTS. The charges below will be added to your FACTS account based on the payment plan that you set up or that rolled over from the 2016-2017 school year.

Option #1: Annual Payment with Early Pay Discount: Save $110 if paid in full by July

1 Student2 Students3 or 4 Students
In Diocese-due July 5th or 20th$8,475$16,000$16,000
Out of Diocese-due July 5th or 20th$9,230$17,510$17,510

Option #2: Semester Payments: Save $55 if paid in full by December

1 Student2 Students3 or 4 Students
In Diocese-due July 5th or 20th$4,265$8,055$8,055
In Diocese-due Dec 5th or 20th$4,265$8,055$8,055
Out of Diocese-due July 5th or 20th$4,642.50$8,810$8,810
Out of Diocese-due Dec 5th or 20th$4,642.50$8,810$8,810

Option #3: Ten Monthly Payments:

1 Student2 Students3 or 4 Students
In Diocese, July-April$858.50$1,622$1,622
Out of Diocese, July-April$934$1,773$1,773

Third & Fourth Students Attend FREE!

For a family with two sons attending CCH simultaneously, the $890 fee is waived for the second son. For a family with three or more sons attending CCH, the fee is waived for the second son and additional sons attend for free. The $60.00 technology fee is also a per family fee.

CCH/NDA Discount

For families with students at both CCH and NDA, we are pleased to offer the following discounts:

  • One son at CCH & one daughter at NDA - Deduct $200 from each school’s tuition ($400 total savings).
  • A 3rd child enrolled simultaneously at either school - Deduct $1,500 from each school’s tuition ($3,000 total savings).
  • Notify the Finance Office by May 1st by this online form if this discount applies to your family.
  • This discount also recognizes blended families.

Financial Responsibility of a Student who leaves CCH

The School Board and Administration of Covington Catholic work diligently to keep tuition and fees at a minimum to cover our expected expenses required to educate a certain number of boys each year. The budget for each school year is based on the enrollment of the first day of school. Any decrease to our enrollment after the first day causes a hardship upon the entire school year's budget. For that reason, Covington Catholic has instituted a policy in regards to the financial responsibility of parents that choose to withdraw their son from our school after the academic year has started.

If a student receives a class schedule and/or has paid a registration deposit, he is considered enrolled for the school year and responsible for the tuition and fees. If a student withdraws from Covington Catholic for any reason, voluntarily or involuntarily, after the first day of school, his parents must satisfy his financial responsibility before school records will be forwarded to another school.

The Finance Office

The Finance Office handles all tuition payments, scholarship and financial aid applications and awards, and all other financial transactions for the school. Our Director of Finance is available Monday - Thursday from 8:30-2:30. Please direct your questions concerning tuition and financial aid to Mrs. Schwalbach at (859) 448-2249 or by email.

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