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A description of the individual courses available at Covington Catholic is available by clicking on the department page of that course.

Credit Requirements for graduation:

  • Four (4) English credits
  • Four (4) Religion credits
  • Three (3) Science credits
  • Three (3) Social Science credits
  • Three and a half or four (3.5 or 4) Mathematics credits*
  • One (1) Fine Arts credit
  • 6 or 6.5 Elective credits*
  • 1/2 credit for physical education
  • 1/2 credit for health

*Dependent upon individual student's math sequence.

In addition to the 26 academic credits, each student must complete fifteen (15) hours of community service each year. Any senior who has not fulfilled his community service obligation will not receive his diploma at graduation.

The pre-college curriculum in high school also includes two years of a world language. Although the world language component is not required to graduate from high school, it is a requirement for the pre-college curriculum of state universities in Kentucky. Failure to meet this requirement could jeopardize a student's admission to a particular college.

In order to maintain class standing and advance to the next year, the following requirements must be met; 6 credits to be promoted to the 10th grade; 12 credits to be promoted to the 11th grade; and 19 credits to be promoted to the 12th grade.