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CCH 2020-21 Return to School


1.  Background on Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic special procedures.

2.  Details of the special procedures established/adopted by the Diocese, CovCath, and the CCH Athletics Department. 

3.  REQUIRED Form "Acknowledgement of Responsibility to Perform Daily Health Assessment".

4.  Parent Orientation Video link.

5.  Schedule for Weeks 1-3. 


The Diocese of Covington’s Department of Catholic Schools COVID-19 Return to School Requirements and the Covington Catholic High School Return to Campus Health and Safety Plan, including detailed procedures which we will utilize at CovCath and which are in line with the Diocese requirements, are posted below.

Please know that, at both the Diocese and school level, many experts and stakeholders have contributed to these plans, with guiding principles of safety for students and staff and a productive learning environment within our school.

Importantly, the plan and its success will depend on each student, parent, faculty and staff member to take personal precautions for their safety and that of those around them. This includes things like daily health screening, frequent handwashing, social distancing, wearing a face covering, etc.

Per the Diocese of Covington’s Return to School Requirements, every person (student, faculty, staff) who will be attending school must complete the attached Acknowledgement of Responsibility to Perform Daily Personal Health Assessment. We will frequently remind everyone of this daily requirement and will diligently enforce expectations for everyone once inside the school building. Every student/parent and faculty/staff member is required to complete this Acknowledgement (see form below) prior to being admitted to campus on/after August 10, 2020.

Relatedly, we strongly encourage adherence to social distancing and other personal health precautions in your lives outside of school, in order to help reduce the risk that infection is brought into our school community. While a difficult time for us all, we need and appreciate your cooperation and support to optimize the effectiveness of the total plan for our return to campus.

As more information becomes available, including about the back-to-school schedule, we will notify registered student families via email and post the updates here.

Health and Safety Procedure Details

Acknowledgement of Responsibility to Perform Daily Health Assessment

Every student/parent and faculty/staff employee must complete the following Acknowledgement of Responsibility to Perform Daily Health Assessment prior to being admitted to the school campus after August 10, 2020.

The complete verbage of the Acknowledgement is provided in the YELLOW boxes below.

Parent Orientation Video

Return to School Schedule: Weeks 1-3