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Enjoy a great summer read! The Spring 2021 issue of the CCH JOURNAL is available HERE.

CCH is a PLTW Distinguished High School

For the fourth consecutive year, Covington Catholic has been named a PLTW - Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Distinguished High School, one of only 204 PLTW High School programs nationwide and only 5 in Kentucky to receive this recognition for 2020-21.

Class of 2021 Graduation

Congratulations, Class of 2021!

The graduation ceremony on May 20th was attended in-person by close family members of the graduates, with many more participating via livestream. Watch here:

Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony

Drug & Alcohol Policy



Covington Catholic’s Mission is to embrace the gospel message of Jesus Christ in order to educate young men spiritually, academically, physically, and socially.

We are proud to institute an updated drug and alcohol policy and substance abuse prevention program in the spirit of supporting the development of our young men in alignment with our Mission – free from the destructive impacts of drugs. We believe in self-discipline, commitment to excellence, and unwavering faith as the path to a successful future, and are gratified when we see the potential of our students and alumni realized in new and exceptional ways, every day.

In the spirit of this objective, we strive to equip them with all of the tools they may need. This program provides a tool to help them avoid drug use, positive reinforcement of their choice to remain drug free, and ways to address that usage with appropriate treatment if and when it occurs.

Importantly, it is new implementation of the very positive partnership Covington Catholic High School has had with Drug Free Clubs of America (DFCA) for 9 years. The voluntary participation in CovCath’s DFCA program has included approximately 2/3 of our student population. DFCA will continue to support this program for 100% of Covington Catholic students through a greater partnership with our school and community resources and with positive reinforcement of drug-free lifestyles.

We expand drug-testing out of a deep concern for the health and well-being of students.

The rise in drug use and addiction in the Northern Kentucky community at-large is well documented. Substance abuse often begins with casual drug and alcohol use during the teen years. Helping our students make good choices can save them from long-term problems related to abuse and addiction. Although there is no evidence of widespread substance abuse among our student body, even one student at risk is one too many.

From a positive perspective, students who are drug-free are proven to have better school attendance and alertness in class, better enabling their academic progress.

This program gives our students five very powerful words.

“I can’t. My school tests.” We have experienced first-hand through almost a decade of offering testing, and have confirmed by talking to other high schools with drug testing programs, that having this “out” is a great tool for fighting peer pressure.

This initiative can provide parents greater peace of mind.

Knowing that your son is subject to random drug testing – and therefore more equipped to resist or avoid situations of peer pressure – may somewhat ease the angst that you (and all parents) have about the decisions teens make. This increased “peace of mind” among parents is evident from the feedback we have received from the parents surveys of our students in DFCA, and by benchmarking with schools around the United States that have similar testing policies.

The CCH Substance Abuse Prevention Committee

Robert Otte, MD (CCH 1981)

James Brueggemann, MD

Carolyn Basford (Parent and School Board Member)

Ed Fritz, RN - St. E Healthcare (CCH 1974 and former School Board Member)

Lee Metzger, Attorney (CCH 2003, 2014-15 School Board President)

Ashley Metzger, Substance Abuse Counselor

Steve Durkee, Ph. D.,Clinical Director of Substance Use Disorder Services at Children's Home of Northern Kentucky

Charlie Hartman, CCH Teacher and Dean of Discipline

Tony Barczak, CCH Freshman Counselor and Director of Admissions (CCH 1995)

Rick Flesch, CCH Personal Counselor (CCH 1971)

Bob Rowe, CCH Principal




to our partners for providing expertise and financial support to this program for Covington Catholic High School students

Positive Reinforcement of Drug-Free Choices!


Robert F. Otte, MD: "As a long-time member of the Northern Kentucky Medical Community and Covington Catholic's Substance Abuse Prevention Committee, I view the new [substance abuse prevention] program as a proactive and compassionate step to addressing the growing drug abuse problem in our society."

Ptl. Tim Pangallo, Ft. Mitchell Police: "We begin DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) with elementary children. Let's give these kids one more tool to avoid drug use as teens: mandatory drug testing."

Tina LeGris, Director St. Elizabeth Healthcare - Business Health Services: "St Elizabeth Healthcare supports the cutting edge efforts of Covington Catholic High School to lead its students and the community with this initiative that will strengthen the overall health and wellbeing of Northern Kentucky."

Mike Clines, Superintendant Diocese of Covington: "I endorse and support the resolve and courage displayed by Mr. Rowe and the Covington Catholic High School community to foster a drug-free environment through a mandatory drug testing program. This program confirms Covington Catholic’s commitment to high expectations for student behavior and to help students make healthy choices. It also advances its efforts to intervene and help students who might be vulnerable to drug use and addiction."

Fr. Mark Keene, CCH Pastoral Administrator: "The importance of prevention is taken very seriously at CovCath. Substance abuse can and does happen throughout the community. Anything we can do to encourage our students to "just say no" should be encouraged."

John Hodge, CCH School Board President 2015-16: "[Mandatory testing] is a proactive step to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the CCH community. The policy is respectful, fair and caring."

Carol Rasp, CCH Teacher: "I am proud that Covington Catholic has taken the initiative to implement a substance abuse policy that will benefit and support both its students and their families. This policy is clear, comprehensive, and fair."