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News Headlines

2022 Cash Madness Sets Record!!!

The Colonels sold a record-breaking $102,400 of Cash Madness tickets. Congratulations to Al Hainley who was the lucky Grand Prize winner of $40,960 and Kevin Kremer who was the Second Place winner of $5,120. Covington Catholic receives $56,320 for ongoing technology upgrades!

Principal Rowe Awarded by NKADA

Congratulations to CCH Principal Mr. Bob Rowe on being named the first ever recipient of the Northern Kentucky High School Athletic Directors Association's Stan Steidel Award to recognize local school administrators and athletic directors for their contributions to sports.

Open House at CovCath

Please join us for the 2021 Open House at CovCath on Sunday, Nov. 7, between 1:00-4:00 pm.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

CovCath was the first Catholic high school in Kentucky to have the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Engineering program. PLTW is the leader in providing STEM curriculum to over 2.4 million K-12 students and 37,000 teachers in over 11,500 schools nationwide. CCH has been awarded as a PLTW "Distinguished School" in 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20, and 2020-21 (one of only 33 nationwide to receive this designation for four consecutive years).

CCH STEM faculty believe that a student need not be an aspiring engineer to benefit from the problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation skills fostered in STEM courses.

Graduate Testimonials

“I always knew I wanted to go down an engineering path and the skills I learned in the CCH STEM program set me ahead tenfold versus my peers in college classes. The skills I learned in the POE class such as material and structure analysis, applied trigonometry, and the process of building, testing, and evaluating a prototype have been especially useful in college. The capstone EDD class taught me the proper way to layout and type an engineering report, and I use 3D drawing skills learned in IED almost daily. Having this toolbox of engineering skills when I got to college has allowed me more time to focus on other challenging classes such as calculus and differentials.”  


- Michael Kessans (CCH 2019), who was accepted to both the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts and the Kentucky Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs, is studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Louisville.

“The CCH STEM curriculum gave me a broad base knowledge of many engineering topics that helped me find my interests. The coursework was always meaningful, and working through engineering design processes provided the hands-on experience and inspiration that pushed me into getting an engineering degree. This foundation was especially helpful during my first year of college engineering classes because of the many group projects with similar, but more in-depth design processes. The skills gained in computer-aided design, 3-D modeling, and prototyping also proved to be useful in class, projects, and in finding employment through internships.”


- Ethan Deters (CCH 2018), one of the first alumni to complete the Engineering Design & Development course at CCH, is studying Nuclear Engineering with a minor and Physics at the University of Tennessee, and may pursue a graduate degree with a goal of a career in advanced nuclear fuel fabrication, manufacturing and research. He is part of a research group that studies advanced nuclear fuel concepts in "meltdown proof" reactors and for NASA's thermonuclear propulsion projects.

“The CCH STEM curriculum helped me not only to grow in academic skills, but also fostered growth in soft skills such as teamwork, confidence, communication, and innovative thinking. Beyond the academic coursework, I had to give numerous presentations in front of notable experts and crowds at events and competitions. The STEM program opened up career possibilities by routinely exposing me to professional engineers so I could ask questions and learn from their experiences.”


- Adam Fortner (CCH 2019), whose CCH course load included three years of STEM classes but also AP English, AP Calculus, and Chamber Choir, studies Mechanical Engineering and Business at Vanderbilt University.