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News Headlines

3 National Merit Semi-Finalists

Covington Catholic, is proud to announce that three seniors, John (Jack) Harris, Nick Prospero, and Alex Williams have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as semifinalists in the 68th annual National Merit® Scholarship Program.

Principal Rowe Earns Outstanding Administrator Award from Project Lead The Way

Covington Catholic High School administrator Bob Rowe is one of 11 administrators selected across the U.S. to have earned the 2022-23 Outstanding PLTW Administrator award, which recognizes outstanding educational leaders for their commitment to providing students with meaningful learning experiences through PLTW programs.

Covington Catholic’s Fieldhouse Of Dreams Becomes a Reality

Thanks to a donation of $167,000 from the Cincinnati Bengals, other CCH donors and the sweat equity of CCH supporters, the dream of an indoor training facility at Covington Catholic High School became a reality today.  The facility was abuzz as supporters gathered and applauded the well-deserved thank you’s, a blessing from Fr. Hennigan and the ribbon was cut marking the official opening. 


Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees cover just 85% percent of the funds needed for your son’s education. The other 15% is covered through the school’s various fundraising efforts. All families are asked to actively participate in the various fundraisers conducted throughout the year including the Annual Appeal, Back the Blue, Colonel Cash Madness, SuperHike and Northern Kentuckian of the Year Luncheon as well as the Kroger and Remke Grocery cards, and buying link.

The Diocese of Covington requires Covington Catholic to offer one tuition rate to families that are registered and participating members of a parish within the Diocese and another rate for those families that are not. Tuition and fees are processed through FACTS Management System.

please note CCH MULTI-STUDENT DISCOUNT for 2023-2024:

  • 2nd student CCH discount - $1000
  • 3rd student CCH discount - $1500
  • 4th student CCH discount - $1500


Tuition for the 2023-24 School Year

Information below is for the 2023-24 school year.

Annual Tuition for In-Diocese students: $9,385

Annual Tuition Out-of-Diocese students: $10,280

Additional Fees:

  • Each student is required to pay a $200 Registration Fee when he registers for the next school year's classes.
  • Annual General/Tech Fee of $1,145 is charged.

CCH does not charge an additional Cafeteria fee, fundraising fee, senior fee, or retreat fee.

  Registration Fee per Student General/Tech Fees   Tuition TOTAL
InDiocese $200 $1,145   $9,385 $10,730
Out of Diocese $200 $1,145   $10,280 $11,625





Note:  The tuition amounts below do not include the Registration Fee of $200 that was due in March.  The Registration Fee is non-refundable.


Payment Dates and Plans:

The amounts below include the $1,145 General/Tech fees.

The amount of your payment due (including the discount) is listed under how many students you have at CCH.

Families have the option to choose either the 5th or the 20th as their scheduled payment date through FACTS. The charges below will be added to your FACTS account based on the payment plan that you set up or that rolled over from the 2022-2023 school year.

Option #1: Annual Payment with Early Pay Discount: Save $110 if paid in full by July 20th

  1 Student 2 Students 3 Students
In Diocese-due July 5th or 20th $10,420 $19,840 $28,760
Out of Diocese-due July 5th or 20th $11,315 $21,630 $31,445





Option #2: Semester Payments: Save $55 if paid in full by December 20th

  1 Student 2 Students 3 Students
In Diocese-due July 5th or 20th $5,237.50 $9,975.00 $14,462.50
In Diocese-due Dec 5th or 20th $5,237.50 $9,975.00 $14,462.50
Out of Diocese-due July 5th or 20th $5,685.00 $10,870.00 $15,805.00
Out of Diocese-due Dec 5th or 20th $5,685.00 $10,870.00 $15,805.00







Option #3: Ten Monthly Payments:

  1 Student 2 Students 3 Students
In Diocese, July-April $1,053.00 $2,006.00 $2,909.00
Out of Diocese, July-April $1,142.50 $2,185.00 $3,177.50





CCH/NDA Discount

For families with students at both CCH and NDA, we are pleased to offer the following discounts:

  • One son at CCH & one daughter at NDA - Deduct $200 from each school’s tuition ($400 total savings).
  • A 3rd child enrolled simultaneously at either school - Deduct $1,500 from each school’s tuition ($3,000 total savings).
  • Upperclassmen parents should notify the Finance Office by May 15th by this online form if this discount applies to your family.
  • Incoming freshmen parents can notify the school of this discount via the registration form
  • This discount also recognizes blended families.


Financial Responsibility of a Student who leaves CCH

Tuition is refunded based on days attended.

Tuition Assistance awards are contingent upon your son(s) attending Covington Catholic. If your son(s) no longer attend(s) Covington Catholic for any reason, awarded financial aid is subject to revocation based upon the amount used, and the remaining full tuition obligation is due.

These policies apply to both voluntary and involuntary withdraws for any reason. Families who have not paid the full balance by the time of a withdrawal from school will be billed the remaining balance and no grades, transcripts or diplomas can be issued until obligation is paid in full. 

The Finance Office

The Finance Office handles all tuition payments, scholarship and financial aid applications and awards, and all other financial transactions for the school. Our Director of Finance is available Monday - Thursday from 8:30-2:30 at 859-491-2247 or email