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Covington Catholic Announces Four National Merit Semifinalists

Covington Catholic, a National Blue Ribbon School, is proud to announce that four seniors, Casey Bir, Luke Meagher, Alex Moening, and Michael Zechella have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as semifinalists in the 69th annual National Merit® Scholarship Program. These talented students are amongst less than 1% of high school seniors to be honored. 

FAQ About Tuition Assistance

Q. Where do I get the application to apply for assistance?

Families can access the Tuition Assistance application through their FACTS accounts.


The application process for the 2024-2025 school year is November 6, 2023 through February 15, 2024. If a family has endured a change of status and needs emergency assistance, they should contact our principal, Mr. Bob Rowe.

Q. How does Covington Catholic determine if I qualify for assistance?

Covington Catholic uses FACTS to determine a family’s financial need. FACTS will evaluate the financial information submitted by each family and send a report to CCH that estimates the amount of eligible tuition assistance. Covington Catholic will work to meet as much of that need as possible within our tuition assistance budget.

Q. When do I find out if I will receive tuition assistance?

All families will be notified by mid-to-late May.

Q. Do I have to repay the tuition assistance provided by Covington Catholic?

No. If you receive tuition assistance, you do not need to repay the funds as long as the Work Study hours are completed by your son. If however, the student does not complete the work study portion, that amount becomes tuition due.

We do hope that students that benefit from the Tuition Assistance/Work Study program will support this program financially through the Annual Appeal once they have established their careers, so that other boys will have the same opportunity for a CovCath education, that someone has provided for them.

Q. If I receive assistance for one year, am I guaranteed the same amount each year?

No. Families must reapply for assistance every year.

Q. If my former spouse does not support this process, does he/she have to submit an application for tuition assistance?

No. If you are estranged from your former spouse and they will not be providing any financial help, please do not include them in the process.

Q. If our award package is lower than we anticipated, is there an appeals process?

Covington Catholic sets a budget at the beginning of the school year for what it can allocate to tuition assistance. Our goal is to help any family that requires assistance for their son to attend CCH.

Q. Is there a work study program associated with the financial assistance?

Yes. If the student qualifies for aid, they must participate in the work study program, unless they receive a work study scholarship.

Q. How are the work study hours determined?

The award amount is divided by a per hour pay to be determined. Families are then notified how many work study hours their son(s) need(s) to complete to meet their tuition assistance award.

Q. Is the parent able to work the hours for the student?

The student must complete most of the work study hours.  Please contact Matthew Hansman for more information at

Q. What is the application process for the work study scholarships?

Applications are e-mailed by mid to late May. Applications are due mid June.

Q. How are the scholarship recipients selected?

The recipients are selected by committee and they are chosen based on financial need, strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a determination to use their talents to succeed at the highest level possible at CCH.