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Alumni Board


The association was formed to provide opportunities for alumni to stay involved and facilitate engagement in both the school and community. After all, we’re all connected by the experiences of going to CCH and growing up in Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati. We value the sense of tradition and pride that our alumni share. Our hope is to streamline communication between the school and alumni, plan major events, and provide support to students currently studying at CCH. We’ll encourage alumni engagement through our class captains, retreats, activities and events.

Board Committees

Major Events

(led by Jason Tate '01 & Ben Berger '97)

The committee will help plan and improve upon the Colonel Stag and will also help with the Alumni Golf Outing, Basketball Tournament and Northern Kentuckian of the Year Luncheon.


(led by Brian McDermott '00)

The committee is responsible for awarding scholarships to outstanding students at CCH. The majority of what the Alumni Association raises will go toward the scholarship fund.


(led by Jordan Hoffer '11)

The committee will organize an annual retreat and create a platform in which alumni can share their community service projects with students and the CCH community.

Class Captains

(led by Shane Wiggins '06 & Steve Kolkmeier '79)

The committee is tasked with delegating class captains and keeping an up-to-date directory of all alumni.


(led by Alex Ammerman '10)

The committee helps to design the content for website, newsletters, and e-mails for Class Captains to share with their fellow classmates.

**Please note, each committee is open to all alumni.

With a Spirit That Will Not Die...


Mr. Alex Ammerman (CCH 2010)