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The Boosters need your help! Bingo is our largest fund raiser. Bingo is held at the Gardens of Park Hills every Thursday evening from 6pm to 10pm except Holy Thursday and Thanksgiving.

In addition to our regular crew of volunteers we need nine additional volunteers to successfully run Bingo. We need two cashiers to work 6pm to 8pm; three volunteers to work 6pm to 9pm primarily selling games and acting as banker; and four volunteers to work 7pm to 10pm primarily to call back bingos. Never worked Bingo before? Don’t worry, plenty of on the job training is provided!

Volunteering for Bingo is a great way to meet new parents. Besides the free food and drink, you’ll also know that you’re helping the Boosters keep athletic fees low and doing your part to improve the athletic programs and the entire campus. All students, athletes or not, benefit from the fundraising efforts of the CCH Boosters.

Students 14 years of age and older can also volunteer. Bingo service meets the Covington Catholic requirements for White service hours worked at the school.

Bingo is SMOKE-FREE!

All freshman families are asked to work two dates throughout the school year. The school office sends out the date assignments.

Thank you for your support of CCH!