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Practice this week

For week of 10/11/21:

3rd Grade will practice Wednesday and Thursday

4th Grade will practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

5/6 Graders will practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

7th Grade will practice Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with a Game on Wednesday

7/8 Grade Combo Team will practice Tuesday and Thursday with a Game on Wednesday.

8th Grade will practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

All practices will be 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  Please drop off at by 5:15 so we can have everyone ready to start on time.  Please arrive for pick up at 7:15 for 7:30 pickup.

Even though it is getting cooler please make sure your son drinks plenty of water throughout the day and brings plenty of water with him.  We still need to hydrate.

CCH Info Session for CYF 7th/8th Grade Parents on 10/20

Parents of CYF 7th/8th graders are invited to a casual info and Q&A session with CCH Principal Mr. Bob Rowe in the CCH Auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 20th, from 6:30pm-7:00pm. We will provide a quick overview of CovCath, Mr. Rowe will make a few comments, and then he will answer any questions. Hope to see you there!

CCH Open House 11/7

First page of the PDF file: CCHBillboard2021

Please join us for the 2021 Open House at CovCath!

Students of any grade level and parents/guardians are invited to attend an Open House at Covington Catholic High School on Sunday, Nov. 7, between 1:00-4:00 pm. Student-led tours, faculty/staff conversations, and clubs & athletics displays are featured.

Click the blue button below to register for an arrival time. Contact Mr. Barczak, Director of Admissions (859-448-2257 with any questions.

Game Schedule

For week of 10/04/21:

10/04 - 7/8 vs Ludlow @ Ludlow High School @ 6 PM

10/09 - 3rd vs Saint Ignatius @ CCH @ 10 AM

10/09 - 4th vs Saint Jude @ St. Jude Field @ 10 AM

10/09 - 5/6 vs CCH-5 @ CCH @ 1 PM

10/09 - 5th vs CCH-5/6 @ CCH @ 1 PM

10/09 - 6th vs Saint Jude @ St. Jude Field @ 12:30 PM

10/09 - 7th vs Highlands @ Highlands @ 2 PM

10/09 - 7/8 vs Sharp @ CCH @ 2:30 PM

10/09 - 8th vs Saint Jude @ St. Jude Field @ 2 PM

Results from last week

CYF-3      12

St. Ignatius     12


CYF-4     0

Saint Jude     16


CYF - 5     38

CYF - 5/6     8 


CYF - 6     24

Saint Jude     0


CYF - 5/6     8

CYF - 5     38


CYF - 7/8     38

Sharp      6


CYF - 7     12

Highlands - 7     28


CYF-8     14

Saint Jude     6

Reminder about parking during practice:

There is to be NO parking around the Bus/Stem area nor along the curb of the Practice Field.  Please park in designated parking spots and sit or stand on the Hill or fence line.

All parents and coaches should park in the designated parking spots in the lot. If you want to stay for practice, you are more than welcome to, but we ask for you to park your car in the lot and stand or sit on the hillside.  

If you are coming to pick up only, please enter at the SOUTH entrance (near the Gardens of Park Hills/CCH game field) and start the pickup line at the front of school on the right side by the buses/STEM Center. The line should then stretch back across the front of school. 

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.  


CYF plays Cincinnati parish schools that will become the GCL in high school football (Moeller, Elder, St. X, LaSalle, Roger Bacon, etc.).

Guiding Principles of the GCYL:

  • Catholic based - Live it and exhibit it
  • True non profit with complete transparency
  • A league dedicated to young people who participate in it. An organization to provide structure and fairness to the schools who are affiliated.
  • Committed to supporting and preserving parish programs of all sizes under one league entity city wide.
  • A league governed by an elected board of officials who provide each parish an opportunity to offer suggestions to change for the betterment of the kids who play in it.
  • Commitment to support parish booster organizations that presently do not have programs with an eye on creating parish based football opportunities for potential players.
  • Recognition of existing established programs in good standing with their existing leagues - NO ONE will be excluded.
  • GCYL is committed to providing an exceptional experience for our parish families.

These represent the standards set by the league for all 2,500 kids and families who participate in the GCYL.

The GCYL requires the Families of each Player to be an active Member at a Catholic Parish in the Diocese to be eligible to participate in the League.  The Player can go to a Public School and play if the Family is in a Parish.

Our 7th Grade Team plays in the NKMSL and their rule is all Players must attend a Parish Catholic School to participate.