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Last Week Game Results:

7th Grade (7 & 0)

CYF - 33

Highlands - 6

Congratulations to Our 7th Grade Team & Coaches for being the Undefeated 7th Grade Champions

We will have equipment turn in on Thursday from 4:30 to 6 PM.

Come to the practice field – The Shed.


·  clean the inside and outside

·  leave the decal on the helmet

·  leave chin strap on

·  take mouthpiece off


·  wash uniforms and please make sure they are dry before you put them in the bag:

      Each of the following should be put in a separate gallon size zip lock bag:

·  Game jersey - write jersey number and size on outside of bag

·  game pants - write size on outside of bag

·  practice pants - write size on outside of bag, please include the belt in this bag.

·  practice jersey - write size on outside of bag

·  all pads in a bag.

·  Also, please when you are checking the size of the jerseys and pants make sure you check to see if it says youth.  When marking the bags for the size please mark if it is an adult size or youth (AS, AM, AL, YS, YM, YL).

Shoulder Pads: wipe down

Belt:  place inside practice pants bag

If you are unable to make it Thursday, please contact your Team Mom to setup a drop off time.

Information will be sent out regarding how the Banquet will be handled this year.

Thanks to everyone for cooperating and assisting in helping us be able to get this Season completed.

Please contact Bob Morris at with any questions.


Boys whose families are members of any Catholic parish in the Diocese of Covington are eligible to play for Colonels Youth Football in the GCYL (whether attending a Catholic parish school or not). The NKMSFL the Player must attend a Parish School.

CYF will have four Teams for Fall 2019:

  • 7th / 8th Grade (GCYL)
  • 7th Grade Only (NKMSFL) - Player must attend a Catholic School in the Diocese of Covington
  • 5th / 6th Grade (GCYL)
  • 3rd / 4th Grade (GCYL)

3/4, 5/6 & 7/8 will be playing in the Greater Catholic Youth League or the GCYL. The 7th Grade Team will play in the Northern Kentucky Middle School Football League (NKMSFL).

The CYF teaches "Heads Up Football" for player safety and all Coaches are certified with USA Football.

For information on CYF or signups, email the CYF President at


CYF plays Cincinnati parish schools that will become the GCL in high school football (Moeller, Elder, St. X, LaSalle, Roger Bacon, etc.).

Guiding Principles of the GCYL:

  • Catholic based - Live it and exhibit it
  • True non profit with complete transparency
  • A league dedicated to young people who participate in it. An organization to provide structure and fairness to the schools who are affiliated.
  • Committed to supporting and preserving parish programs of all sizes under one league entity city wide.
  • A league governed by an elected board of officials who provide each parish an opportunity to offer suggestions to change for the betterment of the kids who play in it.
  • Commitment to support parish booster organizations that presently do not have programs with an eye on creating parish based football opportunities for potential players.
  • Recognition of existing established programs in good standing with their existing leagues - NO ONE will be excluded.
  • GCYL is committed to providing an exceptional experience for our parish families.

These represent the standards set by the league for all 2,500 kids and families who participate in the GCYL.