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Academic Team

Meetings: Practices after school and matches as scheduled

Moderator: Mr. Stuart Thaman

Membership Requirements: Open to all students

How to Participate: Please contact Mr. Stuart Thaman for more information at

Covington Catholic offers two levels of Academic Team Competition - JV and Varsity teams.


Meetings: As announced

Moderator: Rick Flesch

Membership Requirements: Open to Junior and Senior CCH students in good academic standing, without major behavioral/disciplinary blemishes.

The primary role of the Ambassadors is to showcase the Covington Catholic school program.

Ambassadors serve as tour guides at the annual open house, interacting with prospective students and their parents. They are also available to visit other schools in the community, with emphasis on sharing information specific to Covington Catholic teams, groups, or programs. They may also be called upon to address specific concerns, as requested, on issues relevant to student populations. Examples include anti-bullying, anti-drug/alcohol, and community service activity involvement.

Senior Ambassadors are also involved with the incoming Freshmen, serving as Homeroom Big Brothers, where they interact with each Freshman homeroom weekly, and the entire Freshman class on a monthly basis. Each visit is designed to provide greater insight and mentoring into the school‘s programs and traditions, while assisting the newer Colonels with the transition from elementary/middle school to high school life.


Meetings: As announced

Moderator: Mr. Tim Haders

Membership Requirements: Open to all students

How to participate: Sign up with Mr. Haders

Encouraging creativity and appreciation for all fine art disciplines. Join us for trips to museums and galleries in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as movie and music outings.

An active club, we have a Putt-Putt Golf Tournament and Wii Bowling Tournament. We also sponsor Wiffleball tournaments throughout the year.



Meetings: Practices twice a week before school with additional rehearsals held during the summer and evenings.

Director: Mr. Cerimele

Membership Requirements: Open to all students interested in playing an instrument

How to Participate: Summer Vacation Band School and rehearsals start in June.

The CCH Band is a joint effort with Notre Dame Academy for students that already play or are interested in learning a new instrument. Students earn a 1/2 fine art credit while developing a skill they will carry with them throughout life.

"Monday after school band” is open to Jr. High Students (Email Mr. Cerimele at:




Biology Users Group (BUG)

Meetings: Meets every morning from 7:30-7:45 for daily care of the animals

Moderator: Mr. Bill Krumpelbeck

Membership Requirements: Open to any student passionate about animals

How to Participate: Sign up in the Biology Lab

The B.U.G club is responsible for caring for all of the animals and reptiles living in the Biology Lab. The Club also gives presentations to grade schools, scout troops, and assists during Open House. Upperclassmen serve as student club moderators as well as animal care takers with the underclassmen. Students taking Biology can earn extra credit points to be used toward their grade with consistent participation.

The Bluegrass (Yearbook)

Meetings: Afterschool as needed

Moderator: Mrs. Diane Ruth

Membership Requirements: Open to all CCH students

How to participate: See Mrs. Ruth if you are interested in writing, design, or photography.

While held in conjunction with the Journalism class, all students are welcome to join the yearbook staff.

Students develop skills in photography, business and financial record keeping, writing, editing, and interviewing, as well as develop computer design skills using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign software programs. Students also learn video taping/editing.


Order your 2017-18 Yearbook online here, or print this form (click here) to take into school with your payment.

BluePrint (Student Newspaper; formerly CCH Times)

Meetings: Per Class schedule

Moderator: Mrs. Diane Ruth

Membership Requirements: Open to all CCH students

How to participate: All students are encouraged to submit work for inclusion into this monthly publication. Students who can write, create cartoons and take photographs are encouraged to participate.

The Blueprint is a student production that is created by the Journalism Class and published in conjunction with this class. This monthly publication includes articles relevant to the student body.: activities, highlights, clubs, and sports.

You may also download PDF files of the issues: CLICK HERE

Chamber Choir

Meetings: Per Class schedule

Moderator: Mr. Jim Wolfe

Membership Requirements: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are eligible

How to Participate: Students must request Chamber Choir during class registration in the spring for the following year. Students must audition for Chamber Choir, but Chorus is not a pre-requisite for Chamber Choir.

Members earn a Fine Arts credit.

Newly released CD "Home for the Holidays" is available NOW! See the order for below.

Previously released, I'll Be Home, To Where You Are, and The Road I Must Travel are also available below.

Chess Club

Meetings: Every Tuesday after school at Sub Station II

Moderator: Mr. Joshua McCoy

Membership Requirements: Open to any student at any point of the year

How to Participate: Contact Mr. McCoy and show up ready to play.

Chess club is simply an opportunity for students interested in chess and who wish to play a game or two to get together and have a good time. Chess club meets on Tuesdays after school at Sub Station II (just up the road from campus next to the Marathon gas station). Students get there when they can (often times underclassmen try to find rides from guys who can drive or walk, it isn't very far.) and stay as long as they want. Boards and clocks, if needed, are provided. Additionally, Sub Station II graciously allows students free soft drinks but students must pay for any food.

Chorus (Select)

Meetings: Per Class schedule

Moderator: Mr. Jim Wolfe

Membership Requirements: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are eligible

How to Participate: Students must request Select Chorus during class registration in the spring for the following year. An audition in the spring is required to take Select Chorus the following year.

Colonels for Life


Follow us on Facebook

What's Involved?

The members of this club commit to the following:

  • Being PRO-LIFE
  • Praying the rosary in the chapel every Monday at 7:30 a.m. before school for the end to abortion.
  • Participate in WALKs FOR LIFE during the school year when possible.
  • If possible, participate in the Washington D.C. MARCH FOR LIFE (click here for details on this years March)
  • Participation in all other scheduled PRO-LIFE activities
  • Provide assistance at the monthly PRO-LIFE Movie Nights
  • Recruit one additional missionary during the course of the year
  • Invite others – students, parents, relatives, friends – to join us on each Life's 5th Quarter service at Holy Name Church in Cincinnati.
  • Serve as PRO-LIFE ambassadors to the Diocese


In September 2010, forty Colonels gathered one September Saturday morning to travel to Holy Name Church located at 2448 Auburn Ave in Cincinnati (ten minute drive from school) to attend Mass, a Benediction Service, and a WALK FOR LIFE. The WALK starts in the middle of Benediction when we begin praying the rosary to and from the Planned Parenthood Building a few blocks from the Church. While standing in front of the building, we pray the rosary. After returning to Church we complete the Benediction Service.

A unique feature of our Club is that it is also open to faculty and staff. They can join and make the commitment. We reach out to other Catholic High Schools and invite them to join us on our monthly WALKs.

We believe that it is one thing to pray for the end to abortion (which is very good in itself) but giving up our time on a Saturday morning once a month to put our prayers into action is something we need to do and want to do. We want to save the lives of our babies!

CCH Corps of Cadets

Meetings: Before or after school, dates TBD (listen to announcements or ask a Corps member, Mr. Verst or Mrs. Franxman)

2018-19 Leaders: Patrick Merse (CO) and Joe Kiely (XO)

Moderators: Mr. Ron Verst and Mrs. Jill Franxman

Membership Requirements: The only requirement is to be a student at CCH.

How to participate: Attendance at meetings and events or see Mr. Verst or Mrs. Franxman.

The Corps of Cadets provides students with the opportunity to participate in military style physical training, learn about military history and provide information concerning military codes and customs. We will also provide a color guard for the presentation of the U. S. flag at CCH events. Uniforms and equipment are provided by the Kentucky National Guard.



Culture Club

Meetings: Monthly

Moderator: Mrs. Diane Ruth

Membership Requirements: Open to all students of CCH

The Culture Club tries to experience as many cultures as possible through movies, food, community events and guest speakers. Members have learned how to salsa dance, watched foreign films and enjoyed many other activities.

Photos on this page are from a food tasting and culture exposure. At top is a photo taken at Sake Bomb where we learned to roll sushi. Directly above is a presentation on the West African Kora. Below is an Egyptian guest speaker who prepared food and spoke on the culture.

Drama Club

Meetings: Practices dependent upon the play practice schedule at NDA

Moderator: Mrs. Diane Ruth

Membership Requirements: Open to any CCH student interested in acting or play production

How to Participate: An informational meeting is held at NDA shortly after the school year starts. Cost is $100 per semester to fund the cost of the productions.


Drug Free Club

Meetings: None

Moderator: Mr. Rick Flesch

How to Participate: With the advent of the new drug testing policy, implemented in school year 2016-2017, all students will be enrolled into the Drug Free Clubs of America. Registration fees, previously shared between a community partner, the school Guidance Department, and the parents, have been waived for the year through the generosity of the St. Elizabeth's Hospital and Medicount Management, Inc.

The philosophy of the DFCA is simple: promote and reward healthy decisions and you are likely to see more of them. By creating excitement with a drug free culture, positive peer pressure can replace the negative. Each club member successfully enrolled, receives his membership card with instructions to visit the DFCA website for news and a listing of area businesses that offer discounts. Ask your son about this site ( and check out the many varied offerings available with membership.

Our strategy at CCH has been to offer additional benefits and rewards on campus. In addition to the BIG cookie days at lunchtime, a number of other prizes have been awarded to club members.

Gift cards to local eateries, game rooms, movie theaters, amusement parks, and major league sporting events are raffled to members as they become available. Mr. Flesch is always on the lookout for additional reward opportunities.

Game Club


Moderator: Mr. Stuart Thaman

Membership Requirements:

How to participate:

Governor's Cup

Meetings: Practices after school and matches as scheduled

Moderator: Mr. Stuart Thaman

Membership Requirements: Open to all Academic Team players

How to Participate: Please contact Mr. Stuart Thaman for more information at

An annual state wide academic competition in a variety of subject areas including Language Arts, Social Studies, Arts and Music, Math and Science.

Green Ambassadors

Meetings: Monthly

Moderator: Mrs. Diane Ruth, Mr. Craig Cleveland, Mr. Bill Krumpelbeck

Membership Requirements: Open to all CCH students interested in bettering their natural environment

How to Participate: See Mrs. Ruth

Students raise awareness of environmental issues both on a local and global scale through beautification of the campus, recycling, and promoting environmentally friendly practices to the greater community.

One of our goals is to keep plant-life on school property thriving as well as recycle on campus.

Junior Achievement

Meetings: Per class schedule

Moderator: Mr. Bacigalupo

Membership Requirements: Must register for class during spring registration

J.A. Economics is a full year elective credit for Juniors and Seniors. Students will conduct their own mini business and sell a product while competing with other classes and schools. Other life issues such as how to apply and interview for a job, write a resume and complete an income tax form are also addressed.

Literary Magazine - Blue Optics

Meetings: Per Class schedule

Moderator: Mrs. Diane Ruth

Membership Requirements: All CCH students/faculty are encouraged to submit work for inclusion into this publication

How to participate: Submit your work to Mrs. Ruth throughout the school year, but no later than April 30th.

Published in conjunction with the Journalism class, this yearly publication includes a variety of work from the student body including short stories, poems, artwork, graphic design, and photography. This is completed during the latter part of the school year and is a great way to show your creativity.

2013 Edition, Working Title

The 2013 edition, Working Title, edited by senior Jimmy Stratman and Max Williamson, received an excellent rating by NCTE's PRESLM Contest for Literary Magazines. Covington Catholic was one of only two schools in Kentucky to be recognized.

2014 Edition, The Beauty in the Process

The 2014 edition, The Beauty in the Process, edited by Brian Menke and Kurt Stegman, received an excellent rating by NCTE's PRESLM Contest for literary magazines.

2015 Edition, Airing Our Dirty Laundry

The 2015 edition, Airing Our Dirty Laundry, edited by Kurt Stegman, received excellent rating by NCTE's PRESLM Contest for literary magazines.

2017 Edition, Spectrum

Kentucky Youth Assembly

Meetings: As needed for conferences

Moderator: TBA

Membership Requirements: Any CCH student is welcome to join the club

The Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) is a three-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in a simulation of the Commonwealth's democratic process. Acting as Senators and Representatives, students write, debate, and vote on legislation that affects them. As candidates, lobbyists, or members of the media, students experience the rich spectrum of activity that constitutes our political process.

KYA conferences are held in November and are located in Louisville.

There is a cost for the conference but financial aid is available.

KY United Nations Assembly (KUNA)

Meetings: As needed for conferences

Moderator: Mrs. Barb Hagedorn and Mr. Steve McQuade

Membership Requirements: Any CCH student is welcome to join the club

The Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) is a three-day experiential learning conference in which students participate directly in simulated international diplomacy. As Ambassadors emulating the culture and representing diverse interests of UN member countries from around the world, students dive deeply into the culture of another nation and are encouraged to re-examine the world from another perspective. Students develop solutions for international issues by writing, presenting, debating, and voting on proposals. Students also celebrate cultural diversity by presenting aspects of their chosen country's culture at the Global Village and International Stage. Officers elected by students serve as conference leadership, supported by YMCA professionals, advisors, alumni, and parent volunteers.

KUNA offers students the opportunity to experience the richness of cultures from around the world, develop empathy, and hone their critical thinking skills while engaging with a wide variety of perspectives and global issues.

KUNA Conference 2016 is scheduled for March 13-15 at the Galt House in downtown Louisville. The club is yet to decide on the country to represent but Switzerland has been proposed. Students will begin writing a proposal; designing the cultural village and making decisions on the international stage and costume beginning in Januray 2016. The cost per student is $230 and like KYA, financial aid is available.

Magnified Giving

Description: This club receives money from philanthropists and decides which local charity receives the money. Club members learn how to evaluate charities through an investigative process. Members will also develop communication and presentation skills as they deal with outside agencies and in presenting their agency to club members. Finally the members will develop organizational and team skills as they work with their team to reach the club's objectives.

Membership: Open to all students.

Enrollment in the Club: Month of October with meetings beginning in November.

Requirements of Club Members:

1. Attend Meetings

2. It is critical that there be NO conflicts with other activities during the month of April. Meetings might be called more often in order to complete the Club's objectives. If there is a conflict when the voting is scheduled during late April, the MAGNIFIED GIVING CLUB must be given priority over all conflicts (this includes sports that might be active at this time with the exception of games/competition).

3. Have transportation to complete off campus visits to charities. (Note: we will try to match those who don’t drive with students who do drive in order to accomplish this part of the Club’s activities.) The members will be working in teams of two or more.

4. Attend the Awards Ceremony scheduled in April.

5. Complete assignments professionally and on time. The Club's work involves teams investigating and analyzing three or more charities. Each team will then discuss which of the charities they want to present to the entire Club. They will advocate for their charity to receive the money. The group can have a representative from the charity make a presentation to the entire Club.

6. Participate in any fund raising activities if Club members decide to hold one. This money will be added to the money received from the philanthropists. All money will be given to one or more charities as decided by the group. No less than $1000 will be awarded.

7. When attending the Awards Ceremony, the Club member will dress in Mass attire.

8. Attend the most critical meeting which involves voting on the charity that will receive the Grant. If a member does not attend this meeting as a result of another conflict, (Moderator's permission to miss the meeting is required), he will not receive credit for being a part of the Club. This meeting is critical.

9. Community service hours are earned for on-site visits to charities. Members will log their time and submit this to the Moderator at the end of the school year.

10. Members will complete an on-line survey at the end of the school year which evaluates the program.

Activities Off-Campus: On-Site charity visits and Awards Ceremony in April.

Mock Trial

Moderator: Mrs. Diane Ruth

Description: As the name indicates, Mock Trial is a pretend trial. All teams are given the same case scenario and must prepare for both sides of the case. All teams are given the same amount of time to develop their case, prepare their witnesses, and prepare for the trial. The Mock Trial team competes in the Regional and State competition for the Kentucky High School Mock Trial Association. The team also competes in other competitions such as the University of Kentucky, the Chase College of Law, and the Yale Bulldog Mock Trial Competition.

Membership Requirements: Open to all students in the Fall of each year. Tryouts are held for parts (lawyer or witness). Mock Trial is only allowed two teams each year for competition.

Music Club

Meetings: Wednesdays after school

Moderator: Mr. Stuart Thaman

Membership Requirements: Open to all CCH and NDA students

National English Honor Society

Meetings: Monthly

Moderators: Mrs. Diane Ruth

Membership Requirements: Begun in 2009, NEHS is open to students in grades 10-12 with a 3.5 English GPA as well as a 3.5 overall GPA who meet their community service hours requirement with an interest in writing beyond the classroom.

NEHS members organize a Veterans Day assembly, attend author lectures and book signings, enter writing competitions as well as sponsor writing competitions for grade schools. NEHS members work with the elderly at Madonna Manor monthly during the school year, sponsor a faculty appreciation event in the fall as well as a coffeehouse in the spring open to all students.

National Honor Society

Meetings: Monthly

Moderator: Mrs. Barbara Hagedorn

Membership Requirements: Open to juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher, have completed 30 service hours and have an exemplary discipline record.

How to participate: Students are chosen in the fall of their junior and senior years. Students must have a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.6 or higher. Students who have achieved this academic excellence are then asked to submit a typed Student Information Sheet. This sheet will be used by a faculty council to choose members. Grades alone are not enough for membership in the National Honor Society. Students must show community and school involvement, including service hours. They must demonstrate strong character as well.

2018-19 Officers:

President: Johnathan Graf

Vice President: Nathan Guenther

Secretary: Harry Porras

Treasurer: Michael Bishop

Sargent at Arms: Ben Wessels

Secretary of Peace:

2018 Service Projects: TBD

Northern Kentucky Youth Advisory Board (NKYAB)

Meetings: NKYAB meets once a month at the Life Learning Center in Covington, KY on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Moderator: Mr. Steve McQuade

Membership Requirements: Juniors and Seniors interested in leadership opportunities.

How to Participate: see Mr. McQuade in Room 300

Description: Northern Kentucky Youth Advisory Board (NKYAB) is a service learning club in which students learn about service opportunities and how to help improve their school.

Outdoor Pursuits Club

Meetings: As announced through Canvas, usually Wednesday before school (when they occur)

Moderator: Mr. Stephen Snyder

Membership Requirements: interest, meeting attendance, form completion and submission

How to participate: hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, outdoor and wilderness survival skills, nature study


Meetings: Monthly as announced

Moderator: Mrs. Diane Ruth

Membership Requirements: Open to all CCH students

How to participate: Bring your own camera to the photo shoots.

Learn the art of capturing the perfect picture. Participate in field trips to places like the Krohn Conservatory, cemeteries and other scenic venues. The group organizes several pancake breakfasts to raise funds for a charity and sponsors the annual photo contest open to the entire student body. The Photography Club has worked with two business websites taking photos.

Photos on this page are 1) a photo shoot at the Cathedral in Covington. 2) A group shot outside the Cathedral. 3) A presentation about a photographer who took pics of all the Presidents’ Homes.

Robotics / Engineering

Meetings: Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons - 2:40 - 4:00 pm, Wednesday Mornings - 7:00 - 8:20 am, and Saturday mornings as needed

Moderator: Mr. Bob Lind

Leaders: Mr. Gaby Batshoun, Mr. Josh Hildreth, and Mr. Bob Lind; Parent Coordinator: Mrs. Jennifer Batshoun

Membership Requirements: Open to all students interested in exploring Engineering and Robotics. Must be present at 2 or more meetings per month.

How to participate: Bring your passion for exploration and your drive to the meetings. Be willing to brainstorm, sketch, mock-up and build VEX Robotics devices to compete against other schools in the area and state.

The club will be exploring robotics through the use of VEX Robotics kits and competitions. We will be competing in local and state competitions. The Robotics/Engineering club will explore the engineering design process by defining a problem, exploring ideas and creating solutions primarily through robotics competitions.

Covington Catholic will compete at a tournament robotics competition during the 2017-18 season.

Ski Club

Meetings: Meet in the fall to elect officers. Meeting times will be announced at that time.

Moderator: Mrs. Julie Stengle

Membership Requirements: Open to all students of any skill level. Members buy their discounted passes each fall from our CovCath Ski Colonels.

How to Participate: Watch for announcements of the next scheduled outing and signup in advance. Learn to ski or board with our Club. We have students who have never skied before to students who ski competitively. We all have fun!

We ski as a group four times in January. CCH provides one way bus transportation to Perfect North Slopes for only $5 per trip. Parents volunteer to provide snacks for our "Food at 5:30" social break.

Each January, upperclassman members (in good academic and disciplinary standing) volunteer at the Special Olympics.

When scheduling allows, our Ski Club travels to Colorado (usually over Presidents Day week-end). This year we will have 41 members travelling to Winter Park, CO. This trip includes parent chaperones. We spend 3 days skiing on 3000 acres of trails with a 3000' vertical drop (Longest run - 4.9 miles) It's incredible!!

Everyone is welcome to be a part of our Ski Colonels, regardless of when and where you purchased your season pass. However, we appreciate those members who wait to purchase their season passes through our PNS CovCath club site each fall. Those members who directly support our Covington Catholic Ski Club (by purchasing their season pass through our club) enjoy the following benefits:

1. If riding the CCH bus to PNS for our scheduled outings, they receive priority reservations on bus.

2. First priority reservations on our Colorado Ski Trip.

3. Upperclassmen who wish to volunteer for the Special Olympics receive first priority for this opportunity.

4. Club Officers are elected from these seniors.

2017-18 Officers are:

Trevor Hay, President; Nolan Merten, VicePresident; Kevin Biecker, Treasurer; Thomas Cody, Secretary; Charlie Billott, Social Activities

Spanish Club

Meetings: The first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 AM.

Moderator: Mrs. Emily Seal

Membership Requirements: Open to all students

The purpose of the club is to plan and execute various activities to enhance the study of Spanish. The enrichment activities primarily focus on Hispanic culture. Festivals, dining at ethnic restaurants and watching foreign films are some of the activities planned.

Spirit Club

Meetings: Weekly or as announced

Moderator: Mr. Al Hertsenberg

Who is Eligible: Open to CCH all students

How to Participate: Make posters & plan activities

With a Spirit that will not die, CovCath is known for its tremendous spirit at many sporting events and school functions. There is no other school that compares to Covington Catholic when it comes to school spirit!

The Spirit Club coordinates pep rallies, plans themes for the games, leads cheers at the games and makes posters promoting all student activities. Spirit Club promotes Blue & White Days in support of all activities and teams.

We sponsor various activites which promote the CovCath community, both athletic and academic. Open to all students.

Stock Market Club

Meetings: As needed

Moderator: Mr. Bacigalupo

Membership Requirements: All CCH students are eligible to join

Students interested in learning about the financial market, participate in "The Stock Market Game" by selecting their own portfolio and competing with students across the State. Speakers and seminars are scheduled throughout the year.

Student Senate

The Student Senate has relinquished its leadership roles and responsibilities to the newly implemented House System program where student leadership roles are identified and defined.

Click here for more information about the House System at CovCath.


(Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics and Science

Meetings: Scheduled in Spring semester as needed to prepare for competition.

Moderators: Mr. Hartman and Mr. Lubbers

Membership Requirements: Students are selected from the Science and Math departments based upon grade and aptitude during the second quarter.

How to participate: See Mr. Hartman or Mr. Lubbers

TEAMS, an annual theme based competition giving all levels of students the opportunity to explore the field of engineering and how it applies to the real world. Students become part of the action as they work together to use the practical applications of math and science to answer engineering questions about every day world challenges.

Travel Club

Meetings: As needed in support of our trips.

Moderator: Mrs. Julie Stengle

Requirements: Travel with one of our tours - or the desire to travel overseas.

How to participate: Contact Mrs. Stengle about membership. If you want to travel or have some input to our next trip, join up!

Past trips included tours to European Capitols, Germany and the Alps, and a World War II tour.

Past trips are pictured below.

Contact Mrs. Stengle at for more information.