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Introducing the House System at Covington Catholic for the 2018-19 school year!

The “House System,” new at CovCath in 2018, will be a foundational building block to the school community. The House System is designed to cultivate inclusion; student leadership; and spirit, pride and ownership amongst all students. The CCH House System will be made up of six "Columns". The word "Colonel" derives from the same root word as "Column", so our Colonels will be leaders of their respective Columns.

Every student (and faculty and staff employee) is a member of one of the six “Columns,” a unit of approximately 100 students across all four grades, as the central structure of this four-year school experience. Besides the 84 students who will be elected to leadership roles, all members contribute to points a Column earns toward the coveted “Colonel Cup” through scholarship, service, school spirit, and just plain fun. They will also be placed in mentor groups, which will meet twice a week throughout the school year. These groups will allow the students to create new relationships with students and teachers, and also provide opportunities for academic support, faith development and leadership.

For more information about our House System, contact:

Alex Ammerman