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PHYSICAL (Intramural Sports)

Intramural Sports Leagues

In addition to our interscholastic and Club Sports, CCH offers a variety of intramural opportunities.


The Intramural Golf League invites all students to participate but it is strongly suggested that students who participate have some golfing experience and a basic knowledge of the etiquette and rules of the game.

Please read the information below, obtain the appropriate signatures, and return this sheet to the moderator Mr. Lubbers. No students will be permitted to participate in the league until this sheet is signed and returned.

  • Dates and Location: TBA at Devou Park Golf Course. More dates may be scheduled in October if the weather stays nice. There may also be dates scheduled in the spring.
  • Times: Students need to arrive at the course by 2:50. Devou Park is less than a five minute drive from school. Please be on time. Students will play in groups of four with the first group teeing off at 3:08 and the last group at 3:48. You can expect the round to take around 2 and half hours. This means that the last group will finish around 6:15.
  • Transportation: Transportation will not be provided. Students are responsible for rides to and from the golf course. If a younger student needs a ride, it is suggested to find an upperclassman who can take you from school to the course. If a younger student can not find a ride, please speak with Mr. Lubbers.
  • Signups: It was only possible to reserve tee times for 20 students each week. Mr. Lubbers will accept signups Wednesday each week for the following Tuesday. Sign ups will only be accepted before school and after school. Do not interrupt or leave class to sign up. If more than 20 students wish to play a particular week, those students who were not one of the first 20 will be assured of a spot the following week. • Money will be due at the time you sign up each week. Price is $7.00.
  • Students and their guardian must sign this sheet before students will be allowed to sign up and participate.
  • Eligibility: Any student who plays a fall sport MUST have written permission from their head coach before they will be allowed to participate. No student who appears on the academic ineligibility list will be permitted to participate.
  • Attire: All students must wear a collared shirt and khaki or other golf appropriate shorts or pants. Shoes must be gym shoes or golf shoes with soft spikes. No metal spikes, flip – flops, boots, sandals, etc. will be permitted.
  • Procedure: When all students arrive at the course, Mr. Lubbers will briefly go over the etiquette and important rules that will need to be followed. Mr. Lubbers will do his best to place students in foursomes with other students who they wish to play with. We are guests at the course and so we must do our best to keep up with the pace of play. After a student has reached double par on a hole he must pick his ball up and move on to the next hole. No more than a couple of minutes can be spent looking for a lost ball. If a ball can not be found, drop another ball and continue the hole. There are to be no mulligans or second balls played.
  • Other Important Information: Each student must have his own bag and set of clubs, balls, tees, etc. There is to be no sharing of clubs. Students will be walking the course. Only in the case of a documented disability will students be permitted to use a riding cart. All school rules apply at the golf course. Any inappropriate behavior, as interpreted by Mr. Lubbers or by the workers at the golf course, will result in immediate removal from the league and detention(s).
  • If you sign up please show up. If you can not make it after you have signed up let Mr. Lubbers know as soon as possible. If you have any questions please see Mr. Lubbers or email him at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have read the information regarding the Intramural Golf League and will follow its guidelines. Student’s Name: _____________________________________ Student’s Signature: ______________________________________ Guardian’s Name: _____________________________________ Guardian’s Number where he/she can be reached during the time of play: ________________________________________ Guardian’s Signature: _______________________ Date: ____________

Basketball (IBL)

The Intramural Basketball League (IBL) is probably the most anticipated extracurricular activity of the school year. Hundreds of students participate on one of the many grade level teams.

No basketball team players are permitted to play in this league. IBL runs over 9 weeks from January through March under the direction of Mr. Nick Hovan.

2019 SCHEDULES are tba:

  • Students should consult schedule on Coach Hovan's classroom door often after they are published for the 18-19 school year.
  • League competition runs for 9 weeks during the 3rd Quarter. There will be 6 regular season games for each team and a single elimination post season tournament to conclude the season.
  • Cost for the IBL is $25 payable by cash or check to Covington Catholic High School. Registration can be payed to Mr. Hovan or Coach Ammerman. The fee includes a spot on a team, official IBL T-shirt with number, and equal playing time for games.
  • Freshmen, JV and Varsity basketball players are not permitted to play.



The league plays at Super Bowl in Erlanger beginning at 3:00 pm each Wednesday afternoon from September until December.


  1. League fee of $5.00 cash
  2. Each Wednesday that you participate, the cost is $6.00 for 3 games, ball and shoe rental.


Students that need transportation to Super Bowl meet at Big Blue, the team bus, by 2:40 or may make their own arrangements with upperclassmen student drivers. Transportation is not available back to school. Students need to arrange to be picked up by 4:45 or make other arrangements.


All students meeting the academic requirements for extracurricular activies are invited to play. Students that participate in one of the fall team sports may join the league after their season has ended or with their coach's approval as practices allow.


A team may have as many as five bowlers, and all may bowl; however, you will need three bowlers to count as a team average. If you have four or five bowlers, the top three games will count toward the team average to determine win or loss. All games will count on individual averages, no matter if they are the top three or not. If you have fewer than three bowlers, the missing bowlers average will be used minus 15 pins to figure out the total pins.

Anyone who misses four or more consecutive weeks will be dropped from the team, unless they are not bowling because they are involved in other sports. If one misses more than five weeks , he also will be dropped from the league. To be eligible for trophies, you must bowl at least 21 games , unless involved in other fall sports and then, you must have bowled at least 12 games.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is offered in both the Fall and Spring with Mr. Joe gastenveld serving as moderator.

A Fall tournament is held where students choose their own teams. A Spring League is formed where close to 100 players play on drafted teams. Ultimate Frisbee is open to all students.

Wiffle Ball


Wiffleball tournaments are held in the Fall and Spring and are open to all students. Students choose their own teams. There is a maximum of 12 teams with 4-6 players. There is a nominal cost to participate and the proceeds benefit the Jon Gallenstein Art Scholarhips and others.