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About Parents Club


  1. Kroger Rewards: Please link your Kroger Plus Card to our account #80620 so that your purchases will automatically generate a rebate.
  2. Remke Markets now donates 4% of the dollar amount which you pre-load onto your gift card. Gift Cards will be available at parent orientation as well as at the front office. These gift cards have already been linked to Covington Catholic High School.
  • How to Use the Remke Re-loadable Cards:
    • Pre-load money onto the card before the cashier starts ringing in your order. Simply present your card, indicate the amount you want added to the card, then pay with either cash, check or credit card. You can then deduct the cost of your purchases from the gift card. Your grocery receipt will show the remaining balance on your card so you may load any amount desired on your card and use it for multiple transactions. Just be sure to tell the cashier that you need to load your card before he/she starts ringing up your purchases.


The Parents Club provides a way for parents to be involved in the high school life of our sons here at CCH. Parents Club activities and events support the teachers and staff of CCH in providing a quality education and promoting spiritual growth within our sons.

The Parents Club nurtures a safe learning environment in and out of the classroom while providing a network for parents to meet and establish a community of involved parents and positive adult role models.


All parents of currently enrolled students at Covington Catholic are members. No registration or enrollment is required.

Contact for more info.


We sponsor many different events such as After Prom, Mom Prom, Father/Son, Spaghetti Dinner and a Ladies Golf Outing as well as receptions for academic awards, teacher appreciation dinners and breakfasts, Open House, NEHS and Academic Signings.

Parents Club has also purchased items for the school such as assisting with the purchase of new laptops, purchasing a burrito cart for the cafeteria, and purchasing new buzzers for the academic team.

While most of our events are self-funding through a participation fee, some events are fundraisers to provide for the purchase of graduation signs, award mementos, and other items not donated for events, just to name a few.


We meet the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Faculty Lunchroom in the Cafeteria.


1. Get involved! Volunteer to help out with one of our events, offer to chair or co-chair a committee or activity, sign-up to send in food when needed.

2. Reach out to others and get them involved! Bring your old friends with you to a meeting and make new friends along the way.

3. Support our fundraising opportunities.



We celebrate Catholic Schools Week with the many activities throughout the week.

  • Sundaes on Monday: Parents Club serves delicious sundaes to students, faculty and staff on Monday of Catholic Schools Week to show our appreciation for those who make Catholic education successful.
  • Teacher appreciation luncheon: The Parents Club provides lunch for the teachers one day during Catholic Schools week.


In cooperation with the Advancement Department, the Spaghetti Dinner is a showcase of CovCath arts for students, families, alumni and donors. In addition to a delicious dinner, patrons will enjoy performances of the CCH Chamber Choir and Jazz Band and appreciate the works of student visual artists.


The Parents Cub organizes a luncheon for graduating seniors and their parents. Senior awards are presented at this luncheon. This is an extremely special event. Much care and effort goes into this final formal assembly for our Senior Colonels and their families.


After Prom is our showcase event and provides a safe haven for post – prom activities. This event requires many volunteers to schedule events, donate and acquire gifts and door prizes, chaperone, and serve drinks and food and many other services. The students enjoy an evening of games, activities, great food, excitement and enjoyment with their fellow classmates and their dates. There are prizes, a food feast, and drinks. CCH students are not required to attend Prom to enjoy the After Prom.


A continental breakfast is served after the Academic Achievements Assembly to the students and their parents. Students are honored for academic and service activities. Volunteers are needed to set up, (the day before), help serve the breakfast and assist with the clean up the day of the event.


Golf skills are not required to enjoy this great social event, although serious golfers will also enjoy a chance to showcase their skills! Enjoy coffee, a fun 9 hole scramble, a delicious lunch and prizes. Volunteers are needed to organize the outing and plan the luncheon that follows.


This breakfast follows the Academic Achievements Assembly, which acknowledges the scholastic accomplishments of our students. The continental breakfast is for these students and their parents. Volunteers are needed to set up (the day before), help serve breakfast, and assist with the cleanup afterwards.


Covington Catholic High School 2019 Annual Father-Son Afternoon

Sunday, september 22, 2019

This afternoon of great food and fun for fathers and sons has become a great CCH tradition. For more information and registration visit the Father Son Event page (


This Mass, honoring the deceased graduates of CCH, is a treasured Covington Catholic tradition. Families of deceased graduates are invited for a breakfast which follows Mass. Volunteers are needed to donate food, set up, serve breakfast and clean up.


This favorite event is a night when moms and sons enjoy an evening of dining and dancing and is a night to treasure! Committee Members are needed to help plan and decorate for the event. Fathers are needed to work check-in and other fun stations the night of the event.



Parents Club helps in this showcase introduction of Covington Catholic to prospective new students by providing refreshments and helping to welcome guests. Volunteers are needed to help with the set-up of cookies and drinks and assist with other Open House activities. Opportunities for Christian Service hours are available for the students.


These spiritual retreats for seniors have come to be an honored and treasured tradition. There are two separate retreat dates. The coordinators need volunteers to assist in providing food - so expect a phone call when your son is scheduled.


Volunteers are needed to provide and serve food for teachers during the fall report card conferences.

Ongoing Activities


The class coordinators are responsible for organizing monthly birthday treats and decorating the teacher lounge for the faculty and staff. Each grade level is assigned two months. The overall class coordinator assigns months to each grade level coordinator.


Volunteers are needed to sell merchandise during special events and from 11:30 AM-1:00 PM on school days (Tues., Wed., and Thurs. lunch hours). You will be provided a set schedule that works for you. Contact Erin Garnick to volunteer.


Parents are needed to chaperone school dances. The Faculty Moderator for the dance will contact you via email a few weeks prior to the dance to see if you are available. Freshman Halloween Mixer, Homecoming, Freshman/Sophomore winter mixer (formerly Valentine’s Dance,) and Prom


Food and beverage donations are needed throughout the year for Teacher Treats (supplied monthly), all the receptions hosted by Parents Club and the various special events that take place throughout the year. If you are willing to donate from time to time, your name and email will be given to the event chairperson who will contact you prior to the event. You will not be required to donate every time but only as you are able. This is a great way to help out if you are unable to volunteer time.


Please contact Matt Tobler if you are able to donate a few hours on any Thursday evening. All parents are asked to sign-up for 1 or 2 shifts during the School Year and/or summer months. Sign-up sheets are available at Freshman Orientation, the Colonel Cookout, and Mini-Night.

NEW EVENT - Fall 2019

Shop for a Cause at Bunches of Bows

Wed., Sept 18th 6-9 pm

Click Here for More Info

Purchase Tickets in Advance HERE