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“Value” is a measure of benefits received relative to inputs. We hope you’ll agree, by any measure, a CovCath education is an exceptional value, and everyone associated with our school feels blessed to help in the development of these young men at an age when that impact truly affects their lifetimes.

CCH tuition is competitive with private school options in Northern Kentucky and is substantially below many in Greater Cincinnati (25-40% below other all-male schools). But, in the face of expenses associated with new opportunities and requirements each year (e.g., curriculum expansions, technology, etc.), it is a challenge to keep tuition minimized.

We are applying heightened diligence and rigor to our assessment of these new (and existing) expenses, as they inevitably will grow. But, we need your help to consistently and continuously augment the revenue side of our equation so that critical new opportunities can be delivered to our students, ongoing, with less than dollar-for-dollar increases in tuition expense.

Find more information here on the many diffrerent ways you can support our school’s ability to provide top grade facilities, faculty, and overall operations. This support occurs at the “macro” level, but every gift received contributes somehow to the “micro” level of individual students’ achievements, experiences, and personal manifestation of the CCH mission.